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How to Get Quick Auto Owner’s Insurance Quote Online?

Auto insurance is one of the mandatory costs for almost every household. If your car insurance has lapsed or if you have purchased a new vehicle, you need coverage. It is necessary for every driver in order to legally use the vehicle.

There are plenty of ways to shop for insurance: you can use your phonebook, take recommendations from friends or family, or go online to find a company or agent. No matter how you choose to shop, make sure your service provider is licensed under DIFS. You can refer to the website for this. It will help you find out a list of authentic companies and agents that are licensed to sell insurance in Michigan. General Insurance Plan is one of the reputed companies in Michigan, offering competitive auto insurance policies.

Moving on, internet makes shopping for auto insurance policies quite convenient. You can easily obtain auto owner’s insurance quotes from different agents or companies, compare them and select the best option.

Here, we have mentioned 5 essential steps for obtaining auto owner’s insurance quote online.

  1. Figure out the ‘Garage’ address: Garage address is the location where the vehicle is parked, when it is not in use. In most cases, garage address refers to the address of your residence. But if you have more than one residence or you are using the vehicle for your business, the address can vary. So figure out the garage address as you will require the zip code for the location to obtain insurance quote online.
  2. Gather all the necessary vehicle information: A lot of companies offering online quotes require the following information-
  • Driver’s license number
  • Make, model and year of the vehicle
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Social Security Number (optional)

Sometimes, you may not need VIN upfront for obtaining a quote, but keeping this information handy is helpful later when you follow up with an insurance company.

  1. Locate an online auto insurance quote services: A quick Google search can help you come across some of the best and most popular websites offering auto insurance quotes. Select the ones that look familiar in order to get authentic results. Also, in case a website asks you to submit your bank account details or other critical financial data before offering quotes, chances are they may be illegitimate websites. So, choose wisely.
  2. Complete online applications: Fill out all the required information on these online forms you get from car insurance websites. However, make sure, you do not unnecessarily provide personal data that may seem irrelevant to the purpose.


  1. Collect the results: Soon, you find emails containing auto owner’s insurance quotes flooding your inbox. Compile them together and compare the prices. Try to find out which company provides you with the most detailed picture of how it will charge you for your annual premiums.

All the afore-mentioned points will help you in locating an authorized auto insurance provider.


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