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Importance of a Pet Insurance

If you are a pet parent, eventually you will have to take your little one to the veterinary. Pet`s insurance is similar to a person`s insurance. These costs a certain amount on the insurance premium, they have deductibles, co-payments, and maximum coverage amounts. Pets are like your family, therefore, it is important to protect your little-loved ones the best you can.

Their coverage cost is based on the age of the animal, health, and the amount of care placed on your pet. Generally, the most expensive insurance is the yearly premium. There are also pre-existent conditions that could deny the coverage of certain pets due to their breeds.

There are certain types of veterinary insurances for many different animals like dogs, cats, exotic birds, rabbits, reptiles, guinea pigs, and rodents. Most of the insurances start their coverage up to the first 6 or 8 weeks of your pet`s life. Some companies have a limit of age and others don’t and also when there is more than one pet on the family you could apply for a discount once the first pet is insured.

All the insurance companies must be regulated, and they must comply with the regulations of each state. There are very good insurance companies throughout the country. Here are some of the different coverages.

Basic Coverage

It is usually the most economical and provides low indemnity for specific procedures. They tend to pay for accidental wounds, poisoning, diseases (including cancer). A typical insurance policy includes a maximum amount of reimbursement for every period of the policy.

Comprehensive Coverage

Their indemnities are a little bit more expensive but more generous. Provides reimbursements in case of accidental injuries, emergency visits, veterinary consultation, medication, x-rays, diagnostic and lab exams.

Pet Well Care Protection

These types of plans reimburse preventive services costs of health like physical exams, treatments against parasites, fleas, and vaccination. Most of these insurances include very good services like a 24/7 Helpline from Pets Best, that assist you through phone, live chat or email for urgent consultations about your pet.

HMO Coverage

Some veterinary offices offer packages for preventive care with discount prices on the vaccination, dental care, as well as castration and sterilization.

Life Insurance and Theft Insurance

This insurance is designed to secure the life of high valuable animals, like a zebra or an alligator. Normally, zoos and exotic animal owners opt for this kind of insurance. They reimburse the owner of the animal if it is stolen and pays a benefit if the animal dies during transportation or covers any other damages.

Liability Protection

Owner and tenants’ insurance policies include civil responsibility protection to defend your pet in court if it bites someone and this person sues. However, there are restrictions for this depending if is an aggressive pet or the kind of breed.

Personal Property

Your pet´s belonging can also be insured. A reimbursement will be done in case of theft or damages caused by a fire or a disaster specify by your insurance company. Pet insurance is so important nowadays that even important companies are providing this service for their employees. The bond created between you and your pet is as important as the bond between you and your family, therefore protecting them must be something we should care for.

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